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I Love A Good Story!

I love stories. All stories. I’m fascinated by plots, and character development, hooks, twists and turns, and how in the end all the pieces, elements, story lines, characters, etc, come together to create the bigger story! I especially love it when there are bigger themes and life lessons attached to the story.

Its no wonder then, that I am fascinated with God’s story. And the stories within the story…all leading up to and foreshadowing the Greatest Story…the story of Jesus, his birth, his life, his death, and his resurrection! It is because of His story, that I have a story…and like every other child of God, my story fits into His bigger story as He continues to develop me…my life, my character, my experiences…offering his love, grace, and mercy to me. ME!!!

I have been blessed to be able to spend the past 20  years devoting the best hours of my days to my kids, my husband and my ministry…both vocational and lay…depending on the season and circumstance! There are many chapters of my life now each containing stories! Some exciting. Some boring. Some seasoned with pain and others with love and laughter. But ALL come together to make up the life and ministry that He has given me to lead from. At this point in life ( about half way there!) …its time to share the lessons learned. Its time to equip and empower others, giving away what I am learning, and what I have learned, as other did for me along the way.

I love stories. All stories… and I can’t wait to hear yours!